The following guidelines will assist us in providing a pleasant environment for all our Occupants.  Please ensure that all members of your family and your guests are aware of our policy and rules. Park management or other staff have the authority to enforce all rules noted. All public buildings on the park grounds are smoke-free.

  • One family and one sleeping accommodation per lot, consisting of 2 adults and their children under the age of 19. Exceptions must be approved by management.
  • Seasonal fees must be paid by either cash, cheque or e-transfer to
  • $75 will be charged per NSF cheque
  • All future trailers brought onto Bearfoot Resort must be 5 years old or newer unless approved by management.
  • Trailers currently on Bearfoot Resort property that exceed 20 years of age shall be removed from the park after receiving written notice from management to remove
  • Site changes or additions require prior approval
  • Selling goods or services from campsites is prohibited unless approved by management
  • Lots/sites may not be subleased or rented
  • Winter storage fees will apply to your site, with or without your trailer
  • Notification must be provided when guests use the trailer. In the absence of the Occupant(s), full transient rate applies
  • Site may not be used by unaccompanied youth under the age of 18
  • Occupants must seek approval from management prior to hosting an event.
  • No clotheslines on campsites
  • Campfires must be contained in a ring or circle of stone or brick and be no larger than 24″ in diameter as per local By-laws. If your fire ring is larger than 24″ in diameter, you will be advised to remove it from your lot. Campfires must be extinguished before retiring.
  • ONLY clean firewood purchased from ‘Bearfoot Resort’ can be burned on your site. Absolutely no outside firewood will be permitted. Any wood brought onto ‘Bearfoot Resort’ property will be confiscated. We reserve the right to remove your fire ring from your lot if this rule is broken. This rule is in place to prevent spreading disease-causing insects such as emerald ash borer.
  • One vehicle per site. Exceptions must be approved by management.
  • Outside refrigerators must be located inside a shed
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the boat docks unless they are accompanied by an adult
  • Your personal mail is not to be sent to ‘Bearfoot Resort’ address
  • All outside contractors are prohibited unless approved by management
  • If you are not staying the next season and you remove your trailer and belongings before the end of the current season without a deposit for the following season, management reserves the right to release your site at any time, with no refund
  • ‘For sale’ signs or posters are prohibited on campsites
  • Always keep conservation in mind when using water. Repair dripping taps and running toilets
  • No weapons of any kind are permitted on park property, in keeping with our law-abiding park culture
  • Know the location of internal trailer breakers. Meters will be read by management and invoiced 2 times per season (July 30th and Thanksgiving weekend)
  • Municipal assessment taxes are to be paid by occupant(s) if their trailer has been given an assessed value by which we calculate your portion of the single tax bill management receives annually. See management for more information
  • In order for your trailer to be sold within Bearfoot Resort, management must be made aware and approve.
Cars, Bikes & Boats
  • Parking on roads or other campsites is prohibited
  • Bikes are not to be ridden after dark (with or without lights)
  • Boat maintenance is not allowed on campsites
  • Washing vehicles on campsites and park grounds is prohibited
  • Maximum 7km/hour on all roadways within park grounds
  • Pedestrians and children have the right of way
  • Boat slips are not to be used without authorization.
  • Assigned boat slips may change from year to year
  • Locks on boat trailer hitches are allowed as long as a key is provided to management.
  • Crowding of equipment on a site is a serious fired hazard and could result in action from local fire departments.
  • Leisure vehicles: there are no all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), dirt bikes, minibikes, dune buggies or other off-road vehicles permitted in the park unless approved by management.
  • A golf cart is acceptable on park grounds only if the Occupant(s) has proof of insurance AND proof that it is required due to mobility issues. No person under the age of 18 shall drive a golf cart on park grounds.
Insurance & Liability
  • During the term of the Licence of Occupation, the Occupant shall place and maintain the following insurance:
    1. Comprehensive general liability insurance coverage against claims for bodily injuries (including death), personal injury, and property damage on or about the site and the Park in an amount not less than $1 million per occurrence
    2. “All perils” insurance on the trailer and all improvements constructed, or to be constructed on the site and owned by the occupant, in the amount of the full replacement value.
  • The occupant shall, in a written form satisfactory to the owner, demonstrate that the required insurance coverage is in place under this agreement.
Sewage Disposal
  • Bearfoot Resort uses a Conventional Septic System to dispose of human waste and wastewater. Therefore, it is important to conserve water disposal and utilize environmental consumption habits in order to maintain a functioning system for all
  • It is imperative that you do not dispose sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, diapers, J cloths, paper towels, grease, paint thinners, chemicals, wooden matches or any other similar non-dissolving solids in toilets and drains
  • Inspect your sewer fittings from your trailer to the ground on an annual basis or after returning from holidays. If you detect any loose fittings or foul odour, please report it to Management. Plumbing concerns from the ground up into the trailer are the Occupants responsibility. Bearfoot Resort will maintain from the ground down.
Recycling & Garbage
  • Please separate recyclables and always recycle when possible
  • Absolutely no garbage in recycling bins
  • Garbage is to be put into clear garbage bags. The city will only accept CLEAR garbage bags. Limit of one (1) bag per pick-up. Pick-up day is Sunday.
  • Non-household garbage, such as paint, tires, appliances, furniture, hazardous waste, etc. shall be taken directly to the dump site by the Occupant responsible
  • Extra garbage tags may be purchased from the Office
Landscaping & Trees
  • Tree trimming, removal or planting will require authorization from management
  • Bearfoot Resort will not be responsible or liable for any tree, tree branch or anything attached to a Tree, which falls onto your trailer or any of your belongings
  • Fences of any kind and material are prohibited
  • Grass must be cut regularly
  • Flower beds shall be weeded regularly. Lots that are not cut, will be cut by the Park staff and billed accordingly.
  • Firewood shall be kept inside a shed or piled neatly beside your trailer
  • Occupants are responsible and liable for the actions and safety of their children and guests
  • Visitors are required to leave the park grounds by 11 pm or register as an overnight guest
  • Tents are not allowed on campsites for your guests unless approved by management.
  • All children must be on their campsite by 11 pm
Seasonal Rates
  • See ‘Schedule B’ which notes all rates charged by Bearfoot Resort
  • There will be no refunds for evictions or early departures
  • If you remove your trailer, belongings, etc. off your site, your lease contract becomes null & void and your site will be leased to another Occupant
  • Under no circumstances can your trailer be removed from your site and replaced with a tent, pop-up trailer, etc.
  • Rates are subject to change every year
  • Bearfoot Resort reserves the right to renew or not to renew your lease contract each year
  • Pets are welcome as long as they are leashed at all times, are well behaved and quiet.
  • Fecal matter must be cleaned up immediately on your site or elsewhere on the park
  • Only 2 pets per site, unless approved by management
  • Pets are not allowed in the following areas: in any buildings, in any other noted restricted areas
  • Excessive barking and aggressive dogs will not be tolerated
  • Cats are to be kept within the trailer
  • No dogs are allowed to be tied up on lawns and left unattended.
  • Outside pet enclosures are not permitted on, or between sites.
  • All pets must be tagged, have proper shots and comply with any municipal by-laws.
  • It is the Occupants’ responsibility to properly care for any pet and to clean and restore any areas where mess or damage has occurred.
  • Bearfoot Resort reserves the right to refuse entry to any animal.
Sheds & Decks
  • Installation of solid awnings, Florida rooms, screened porches, sheds, decks and privacy screens require prior authorization and approval from Management
  • Building plans/drawings for decks must be provided to Management for approval
  • Deck size shall be to a maximum of 12 feet wide by the length of your trailer
  • Only pressure treated lumber, cedar lumber or composite will be permitted in the construction of the deck
  • Sheds can be no larger than 8′ wide x 10′ long x 7.5′ high  One (l) shed per site
  • Outside contractors are not allowed unless approved by Management
  • Trailer must be skirted within 2 weeks from contract agreement( Insurance requirement)
  • Occupants are responsible for maintaining a well-groomed site, free of debris and clutter
  • Occupants are responsible for cutting grass on their site
  • In order to avoid damage to buried service lines, digging or driving of stakes will require pre-authorization
  • All modifications to campsites such as walls, gravel, trees, etc. will become the property of the park when the lease to occupy is terminated. All sites must be left cleaned
  • Practice good camping manners by respecting the property and privacy of other individuals
  • Do not take shortcuts through campsites by foot or by any other means
  • Avoid excessive and boisterous noise. If music is played, please play softly as everyone may not appreciate your choice in music
  • Do not walk through the park with glass bottles, drinking glasses or cups
  • QUIET HOURS: from Sunday-Thursday, quiet hours are 11pm-8am. On Friday and Saturday, quiet hours are from 12am-8am. Quiet hours on a Sunday that fall on a long weekend are from 12am-8am.
  • Bearfoot Resort does not take responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged articles, or for any personal injury or damage from any cause
  • Any public intoxication, rude language, fighting and causing any kind of disturbances with other Occupants, guests, children or Management will be cause enough for immediate eviction
  • For the protection and health of Management Staff, please respect the times when they are not available, unless there is a critical emergency situation.
Modification of Rules and Regulation
  • The Owner is entitled, in its sole discretion, to modify this ‘Park Policy and Rules’ or introduce/add new rules for the common benefit of the Occupants and Bearfoot Resort. This ‘Park Policy and Rules,’ together with all amendments, deletions and additions, made by the Owner, acting reasonably and of which notice shall have been given to the Occupants, will be deemed to be part of the Licence of Occupation Agreement.

We aim to provide a pleasant, wholesome, neat and clean environment that all our campers can share, enjoy and take pride in. We appreciate and require your co-operation in order to make a happy park for everyone.